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Optimizing Your E-Commerce Store: The Power of Product Variants and Extra Checkout Fields

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, providing customers with customizable options and a seamless checkout process is essential. With Shoopy's latest features, you can now easily manage product variants and include extra checkout fields to tailor the shopping experience to your customer's preferences.

Product Variants

What are Product Variants?

Product variants are different versions of a single product, varying based on attributes like size, color, or material, offering customers various options to choose from.

Shoopy allows you to create and manage multiple variants of your products effortlessly. Whether it's different sizes, colors, or styles, you can easily set up variants to accommodate various customer preferences.

Steps to Create Variants in Shoopy:

1. Navigate to "Products" and select "Additional fields."

2. Choose "Variants" from the dropdown menu.

3. Enter the variant Field name and Description (Optional).

4. Select the category where you want to display the variants or you can just keep it without assigning any categories at all.

Note: Assigning categories will target products in those selected categories but if you don't assign categories it will apply to all products.

5. Click "Save" to confirm.

After saving you can view the cards from the Product Fields setting sidebar.

Add More variants (here Color variant is newly added)

To view recently added variants:

1. Click "Add product."

2. Scroll down to locate and view the variants. They will be displayed according to the selected categories.

Note: During the variant assigning process, as "Cakes was selected, so these variants will only display on products categorized under cakes.

Enter the values of the variants as shown below and click on "Save".

Preview the Appearance on the Website:

All available variants, that you have made like colors and sizes, are presented here.

(Multiple variants are not currently available on the desktop version)


Extra Checkout Fields:

Personalize the checkout process with extra fields to gather additional information from your customers. Whether it's capturing specific measurements for custom orders or collecting feedback for market research, Shoopy's extra checkout fields feature enables you to tailor the checkout experience to your business needs.

What are Extra Checkout Fields?

Extra checkout fields are additional fields that can be added to the checkout page of an e-commerce store, allowing merchants to collect specific information from customers during the checkout process beyond the standard shipping and billing details.

Here are the steps to Create Checkout fields in Shoopy -

1. Navigate to "Products" > click on "Additional fields" and then "+Add New Field".

2. From the dropdown, select Checkout fields.

3. Enter the field name and description (Optional)

5. Choose the type of field (here text field is selected) and fill in the details

6. Choose the category where you want to display the fields.

Note: If you want to display in all categories/ products then don't select any categories

7. If you want the fields to be optional, unselect the mandatory fields option.

8. Finally, click on "Save".

9. Your order will listed in the product settings sidebar.

You can create multiple checkout fields. Also can view, edit, and reorder the checkout fields from the product settings sidebar as shown below.

Note: A maximum of 5 fields will be displayed on the website product description page. The top 5 fields will be prioritized according to the categories assigned.

For viewing recently added checkout fields on the Website:

1. Go to your store link or "Click" on the product link

Note: You can also view checkout input fields directly from the product input sidebar in Shoopy Business Manager. (As shown below)

2. Search the products where you added checkout fields.

3. Checkout input fields will be displayed according to it.

Extra checkout fields Information Checkout page while placing an order on the website


How to view orders received on Shoopy business manager.

1. Go to Orders > Online orders.

2. Click on the order ID to view the order.

3. You can see the order with the checkout fields filled by your customer.

4. You can also keep the order with notes by adding them to the calendar as shown below.

The Google Calendar page opens after clicking to "add to calendar" icon with the customer information and instructions. You can click on save and add as a reminder.

Below are a few use cases where checkout fields can be used.

By leveraging these powerful features, you can create a more engaging and personalized shopping experience for your customers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. With Shoopy's product variants and extra checkout fields, you have the tools to stand out in the competitive world of e-commerce and drive success for your online store.


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