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Enhance Product Presentation with Variant Dropdowns

Updated: Mar 5

Variant dropdowns offer a flexible solution for displaying multiple product options that can't be accommodated using chips alone. Here's how to set them up:


In e-commerce, presenting product variants effectively is crucial for customer engagement. While chips are commonly used, some products require a more compact display. So variant dropdowns are needed.

Setting up Variant Dropdowns:

1. Navigate to Online Store Settings: Access "Product and Order Settings" under "Online Store Settings" from your dashboard.

2. Select Product Page Variants Selector: Choose "Product Page Variants Selector" and specify the selector type.

3. Choose Dropdown: Opt for the dropdown option for a more streamlined appearance and enhanced user experience.

Customizing Appearance:

1. Access Display Settings: Head to "Display Settings" in "Online Store Settings."

2. Select Button Border Radius: Adjust the button border radius Eg- Square, Soft Rounded, Rounded to refine the appearance of your dropdowns.

Before and After:

View a visual representation of your product page both Before and After implementing dropdowns. Witness the transformation in how variants are presented, providing customers with a more intuitive browsing experience.

Variant dropdowns offer a compact yet comprehensive way to display product options, ensuring customers can easily explore various combinations. Upgrade your online store with this user-friendly feature today!


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