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New feature: Assign products to multiple categories in Shoopy

With this new functionality, you can streamline your product organization process and offer customers a more intuitive browsing experience.

Traditionally, assigning products to categories in an e-commerce store has been a one-to-one relationship. However, with multicategory product assignment in Shoopy, you have the flexibility to assign products to multiple categories simultaneously. This means that a single product can appear in multiple categories, allowing you to showcase it to a broader range of customers and improve discoverability.

Whether you're running a fashion boutique with products that span multiple clothing categories or home goods store with items that fit into multiple room categories, multicategory product assignment empowers you to organize your products in a way that makes sense for your business and your customers.

With Shoopy's multicategory product assignment feature, you can spend less time managing product categories and more time growing your business. Say goodbye to the limitations of single-category product assignment and hello to a more flexible and efficient product organization process with Shoopy.


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