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Maximizing Your Business with Integration for Shoopy

Updated: Nov 22

WhatsApp has emerged as the most trusted communication platform for establishing direct connections with customers. While sending SMS remains a standard practice, customers rarely engage with them beyond OTP messages. Enter Shoopy's cutting-edge solution,, leveraging the power of WhatsApp for effective communication at an affordable cost.

WhatsApp for Transactional Conversations

When using WhatsApp for transactional conversations, certain critical updates play a pivotal role in engaging customers effectively:

  • Order Placement: Share essential contact details to enhance customer confidence in their purchase.

Order Placement WhatsApp  Template

  • Order Dispatch: Provide customers with crucial tracking information for their orders.

  • Order Delivery and Feedback: Collect overall feedback and ratings to enhance the ordering experience.

Order Delivery WhatsApp  Template

You can configure messages in Shoopy by following steps

  • Login to Shoopy Desktop or Mobile Application

  • Open App Store Section located in Desktop menu

  • Locate Baat plugin and configure if not done yet.

  • Visit configuration section in Baat Plugin Configuration Screen in Shoopy Desktop  App Configuration Screen in Shoopy Desktop App

Using WhatsApp for Growth

Utilize WhatsApp as a powerful tool for customer engagement and carefully curated communication strategies:

  • Abandoned Cart Message: Personalize messages to reconnect with potential customers, offering a more personal touch and increasing the chances of order conversion by 25-30%.

Abandoned Cart Setting in Plugin  for  Shoopy
Abandoned Cart Setting in Plugin for Shoopy

  • Run Broadcast Campaigns: Import your Shoopy contacts into and conduct broadcast campaigns to share exclusive offers and updates, tapping into the potential of this effective marketing medium.

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