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Maximizing Your Business with Integration for Shoopy

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

WhatsApp has emerged as the most trusted communication platform for establishing direct connections with customers. While sending SMS remains a standard practice, customers rarely engage with them beyond OTP messages. Enter Shoopy's cutting-edge solution,, leveraging the power of WhatsApp for effective communication at an affordable cost.

WhatsApp for Transactional Conversations

When using WhatsApp for transactional conversations, certain critical updates play a pivotal role in engaging customers effectively:

  • Order Placement: Share essential contact details to enhance customer confidence in their purchase.

Order Placement WhatsApp  Template

  • Order Dispatch: Provide customers with crucial tracking information for their orders.

  • Order Delivery and Feedback: Collect overall feedback and ratings to enhance the ordering experience.

Order Delivery WhatsApp  Template

You can configure messages in Shoopy by following steps

  • Login to Shoopy Desktop or Mobile Application

  • Open App Store Section located in Desktop menu

  • Locate Baat plugin and configure if not done yet.

  • Visit configuration section in Baat Plugin Configuration Screen in Shoopy Desktop  App Configuration Screen in Shoopy Desktop App

Using WhatsApp for Growth

Utilize WhatsApp as a powerful tool for customer engagement and carefully curated communication strategies:

  • Abandoned Cart Message: Personalize messages to reconnect with potential customers, offering a more personal touch and increasing the chances of order conversion by 25-30%.

Abandoned Cart Setting in Plugin  for  Shoopy
Abandoned Cart Setting in Plugin for Shoopy

  • Run Broadcast Campaigns: Import your Shoopy contacts into and conduct broadcast campaigns to share exclusive offers and updates, tapping into the potential of this effective marketing medium.


Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar

This is one of the best and cheapest whatsapp solution. Good job

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