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Delivery Partner App

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Shoopy Platform provides different apps to ensure that you get best experience when using the platform. So far we have

Table of Contents

Shoopy Business App

Shoopy business app is the main app to start your business in Shoopy platform. You need to register your store here to get started.

Shoopy Web App

Shoopy web app is counter part of business app made for bigger business who want to enjoy Shoopy platform from their laptop or desktop. You don’t require separate registration to access the web app

Delivery Partner App

Delivery partner app is dedicated to the delivery boys which are hired by store owner for local deliveries. So if your business is PAN India and you are using third party logistics then you may not need it.

To access the app, you first need to add delivery boy from Shoopy Business App or Shoopy Web App. Delivery boy will get login instruction in form of SMS.


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