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Integrate Google Merchant Center

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Google Search Ads Using google merchant Center

Google Merchant Center helps you in selling your e-commerce products in Google network. Your products will be it available for Shopping ads and other Google Services. After GMC (Google Merchant Center) integration your e-commerce site products will be shown like

Shoopy Provides seamless integration with GMC. GMC is available in Shoopy Desktop & Mobile platform. In this article, we’ll be discussing about enabling GMC using Shoopy Desktop. To activate Google Merchant Center, Navigate to App Store from left menu and then look for Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center in Shoopy App Store

Google Merchant Center in Shoopy App Store

Table of Contents

Google Merchant Center Registration

Before we proceed further, let’s create one account in Google Merchant Center. You can create one by following the link

Follow the on screen instructions. Such as business address and country where you’ll be selling your products.

Google Merchant center registration

Google Merchant center registration

Now choose on my website as checkout option as we’ll be selling using e-commerce website you have created in Shoopy.

Sell using Shoopy website

At present Shoopy is not listed here. We are trying our best to be listed here. Given that it doesn’t matter as we have provided robust integration. For now leave this section

Follow the on screen instruction and complete Google merchant center registration.

Add business details

After successful registration, you’ll be logged into Google merchant center console. Provide business detail as asked in the very first section

Verify & claim website

To verify and claim your website, you need to provide your website link like as shown in the image below

Copy the text inside content as shown in red box

Note the content shown similar in your case. We’ll be needing this value in Shoopy business App. To use this value we need to install Google Merchant Center App in Shoopy Business App. After installing the app you will see something similar to the image shown below.

Enter copied value in Google Site verification ID

Copy the product feed url and paste it in your chrome or other browser window and press enter. This will prompt a download file action. Save this file with a name like product_feed.xml. We would be needing this file at later stage.

Set up Shipping

Follow the on screen instruction in Google merchant center site and complete shipping instruction on your own preferences.

Add Products

This is one of the most important step. You’ll see two options here.

  1. Add 1 product at one time

  2. Add multiple products at once

We need to select 2nd option here. Add multiple product at once. You’ll see option to upload a file. Upload the file product_feed.xml we got in above step. Once you upload this file if everything is done in proper order. You’ll see your product listed in Google Merchant center. Set language and option free listing option. Now you’ll see continue option. After pressing continue option, you can set this process as automated.

This will help you in syncing products automatically and you don’t need to upload the product file again & again.

Choose Schedule fetch

Press continue again now you’ll be asked to provide file location from where google will fetch the products at regular internal. You can provide product feed url provided in Shoopy google merchant center app in above step. Follow the on screen instruction and complete the process.

You have successfully setup Google merchant center feed. You can promote your product in google search platform just like shown above.

Let us know know your feedback about the google merchant center integration.


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