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How to use collections in Shoopy Store

Collections is very important feature in all the online stores. Shoopy makes it super easy and fun to customise e-commerce store home screen using collections.

Collection in Shoopy Store feature is available on Shoopy Business App and can be accessed by visiting Home -> Grow Business -> Collections

Table of Contents

What is collection?

As name suggests, collection is logical group of products displayed together in a style. Various business can have different collections. Typical collections for various categories

Fashion store collection

Grocery store collections

  1. Breakfast essentials

  2. Your Daily Staples

  3. Most Popular

  4. Best Sellers

Fashion store collections

  1. End of Season Sale

  2. Best of Beauty & Personal Care

  3. Best of Clothing

  4. Flash sale

We can find similar patterns in other business verticals like electronics, furniture etc. Adding products from different tags and category under one set based on sale, popularity or any other attribute is called collection.

Shoopy offers 5 different collections formats

Banner and products based

This type of collection has a small banner and list of products with “view all” option to open detailed listing. Suitable for the business/store where number of collections for more than 3 to 4. It saves prime space of your main screen while providing the business objective.

Banner and product based collection

Banner and product based collection

Multi-row product grid

Multi-row product grid collection

It will only have products displayed in multiple rows. We can configure number of products per row on mobile and desktop to provide a precise look we want. Usually we use this type of grid when we have limited products and total number of collections in the home screens are not many.

Single row product list

In situations where we have too many products and displaying in grid style doesn’t make sense. We can use single row product list. This collection also allows us to configure number of products to be displayed in home screen. Post that a scroll option will appear.

Single row product list collection

Banner only

Banner only collection

Banner only collection makes a lot of sense when we have some existing announcement to be made. With images we can make an impact in users mind. We can configure separate image for mobile and desktop users. Shoopy allows you to specify background color as well to ensure that images are not going out of the place with theme colors.

Mini banners

Mini banner is very special type of collection. I would rather say it’s “Collection of 3 collections” All the 3 collections will be lined up in a row with image only displayed in home screen. User can click and navigate to different collection from there. Cases where collections are very much related will be ideal use case of such collections.

Collection of Collections aka Mini banner

Apart from various collections types, Shoopy also provides you easy way to turn off a collection so that you don’t loose on your work and get it back when needed.

Tell us what do you think about Shoopy collection feature. Is it better than all the competitors our there in market like Shopify or Big Commerce or Dukaan If you haven’t tried the collection feature do try it. Download the Shoopy Business App and get started.


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