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How to customise store header

Store header is the first impression your customers are going to have. Having a right store headers creates a brand identity of your business. In Shoopy, we have provided header customisations for logo position, showing hiding name, keeping search input or icon or showing location option. Let’s start with these options one by one

To edit store setting, go to Setting -> Display -> Header in your Shoopy desktop or Go to Manage -> Online store Setting -> Display in Shoopy business App

Header setting in Shoopy business App

Table of Contents

Customise announcement bar

You can customise announcement bar look and feel like background color, text message color or if you want to completely hide it.

Announcement bar

Customise logo image

You get square logo or rectangle, Shoopy ensures that your brand is at the forefront. In case if you want to show logo in center, Go to content alignment and choose center alignment

Square, center aligned

Rectangle, left aligned

Rectangle, center logo

Setting name & business motto

At times, logo doesn’t have name or motto information. In case if you feel need of your brand name and business motto to be displayed. You got options in Shoopy App.

Not only the text content, you can also change the position of name and business motto to center by changing the setting content alignment

Store name & business motto

Search bar & location options

Search can be important for many business while some business with lesser product want to have an option of search but not very prominent. In Shoopy business app we have provided this option in Search View.

Apart from search, location is another important element in header section. At times, we want to capture location at the very beginning. Providing location option in header can solve the issue. To show the location section enable show gps icon option

How do you like the header customisations options in Shoopy? Let us know your feedback. Read here the complete shoopy feature list Download the Shoopy business app and get started


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