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Delivering Cost-Effective Shipping with Delhivery

With increasing sales and per-order shipping costs, a reliable yet cost-effective solution becomes imperative for both medium and large-scale businesses, looking to expand their horizons with minimum efforts as an overhead. It is important to choose a shipping partner that not only provides a reasonable rate card but also a hassle free post manifestation handling of shipments.

As part of our ongoing endeavor to bring down the merchant's shipping costs and provide him with a unified clean shipping experience, we have integrated DELHIVERY LOGISTICS as the latest offering in our Shipping Solutions Toolkit. With this, seamless integration with Delhivery APIs to manifest single as well as bulk shipments can be achieved with a few easy clicks.

Here is a simple walkthrough to set up and verify your Delhivery Plugin in Shoopy:-

Configure Plugin: Navigate to Delhivery Plugin in the App Store section within your Shoopy Application. Proceed as guided in the description section of the plugin and save your settings.

Delhivery Plugin in App Store with Integration Steps
Delhivery Plugin in App Store with Integration Steps

Manifest Orders: After successful configuration of the plugin, you will see Delhivery Logistics, coming in the drop down, while creating a shipment for your orders in your Shoopy Platform.

Delhivery Logistics as a newly added Shipping Partner

Manifest Orders with Delhivery with a few clicks
Manifest Orders with Delhivery with a few clicks

Create Pickup: After successful manifestation, your synced orders will appear in your Delhivery Client Panel under Orders & Pickups > Forward Orders > Ready to Ship.

You can now proceed to schedule a pickup for your manifested orders within the Delhivery Client Panel.

Order successfully manifested at Delhivery
Order successfully manifested at Delhivery

Benefits of Delhivery Logistics:-

Lower Cost Per Order: This dedicated plugin utilizes Delhivery APIs directly to sync your orders with their system, thereby reducing latency and eliminating all surcharges imposed by multi-courier logistic platforms. These rates are directly fetched from Delhivery, in real-time, before each order syncs. Sellers can further bring down the rates depending on the volume of shipments, by negotiating with the Delhivery Team.

Greater Reach and Flexibility: With a pan-India coverage of logistics infrastructure, Delhivery can serve as your go to solution for reaching even the remotest corners of the country. It currently has a coverage of more than 18,600 pincodes all over India.

There are several other services that are only provided to sellers having direct accounts with Delhivery, which are undermined when using other logistics service providers.

Track with ease: With our integration, sellers can easily configure webhooks to be used as end-points for receiving callbacks from Delhivery, at various stages of the shipment processing life-cycle. These call-back events are used to change the status of the order at the Shoopy System, which the user can monitor from time to time. One can easily track the order from initial placement to final delivery (or a successful RTO), from within the Shoopy App.

Our endeavour won't stop at this...

With our increasing customer base, we at Shoopy are dedicated to continuously improve our offerings both in terms of technical efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We look forward to feedback and suggestions from our valued customers for further improvements and enhancements in our product. We hope you will have a great experience using Delhivery from our system and grow your sales and business.

Happy Shipping !


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