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Complete feature list for Shoopy Business App

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Table of Contents

3. Google Merchant Center

Google merchant center is one of easiest way to get paid and organic traffic on the internet. Your store products start appearing in google searches. Shoopy has solved the integration problem for you. You just need to activate the plugin available in Shoopy App Store (Mobile, Desktop both). To read more about Google Merchant Center here.

2. Header customisation

Store header is the first impression your customers are going to have. Having a right store headers creates a brand identity of your business. In Shoopy, we have provided header customisations for logo position, showing hiding name, keeping search input or icon or showing location option. Read more details here

1. Collections

Collections is very important feature in all the online stores. Shoopy makes it super easy and fun to customise e-commerce store home screen using collections.

Collection in Shoopy Store feature is available on Shoopy Business App and can be accessed by visiting Home -> Grow Business -> Collections. Read more details here


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