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Why do you need online store now?

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Thinking if you want to start your own online store? Will you be able to create and manage it?

Do you have similar questions in your mind? If the answer is Yes then continue reading this article. In case if answer is No, try reading it. May be this article changes your perspective.

Table of Contents

1. Digital presence is need of the hour

COVID, cheaper internet and affordable technology has made commerce platforms accessible to everyone. Online platform may or may not help your business drastically but for sure it is going to leave a positive impact to your customers. It has been found in many surveys that making business online leaves impression of transparency and cheaper product prices. In case if there is reasonable cost and effort in setting up online store, you must try setup one. Good part is that many platform including Shoopy offers lifetime free online stores.

Online Store

Online Store

2. Reduces time wastage on mobile & WhatsApp

Chatting with customers on mobile

As a businessman, I remember wasting lot of time on mobile calls and informing about product prices knowing that customer may or may not purchases and at the same time customers at counter are waiting for call to be over. Or you might have been searching for products images and sharing it over WhatsApp again and again to your customers.

You might have noticed that many time such customers are not buying but doing window shopping. Reason could be related with the information to make the buying decision. What if you have website like and just share it over WhatsApp and let the customer browse the catalog.

This will reduce the distraction and saves important time.

3. Because your competitor is online

If your competitor is online then you must be online too. Be it Amazon or Flipkart, they are your competitor and you must fight at all the levels. A little comfort to the customer in any form can make them loyal customer for lifetime.

4. Because your customer is online

Everyone is on social media in one or other format such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok etc. They get influenced with their stars and influencers they follow. Customer get comfortable in doing online transaction and feel lazy in getting up and visiting stores. At present this change is not huge but this can be taken as signal for future ahead. Be ready with your online journey.

5. Reward customers based on purchase history

Everyone likes to be rewarded even if the value is nominal. Take examples of Cred or GPay. They don’t give huge rewards but only offer very small values like 5 Rs, 10 Rs etc. But they could attract many customers to their platform.

Gamify customers purchase with wallet points or offering freebies based on their purchase history. This will add some additional revenue and can bring back repeat customers.

6. Your store will be alway open

Physical stores must be shut at a regular time due to government regulations and your own capacity as well. This reduces your business hours. Contrary to this, online store is alway open and customer can browse or place order at off hours. Not only this increases revenue but it always gives you a loyal customers who can count on your online store all the times.

Tell us what do you think about starting your own e-commerce store. Download the Shoopy Business App and get your e-commerce store online in 5 minutes.


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