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Optimizing Shipping Costs: Introducing Courier Rates Selection on Shoopy App

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

As part of our unwavering commitment to enriching user experience, we have been working towards easing the shipping process for our customers. We are delighted to announce a new feature that allows you to choose a courier option based on a rates list determined by our shipping partners viz. Shiprocket, XpressBees, or iThink Logistics to get the best shipping cost for your orders.

The Shoopy App offers a variety of shipping options through major shipping providers like Shiprocket, XpressBees, and iThink Logistics. This add-on feature allows you to check the rates for your shipments, based on their dimensions, weight, and delivery location and make an informed decision. You can choose the best rates for your shipments by comparing several options, all within a single-click drop-down.

Different couriers with rates for Shiprocket
Different couriers with rates for Shiprocket

This feature simplifies the courier selection process for users, enabling them to select the most suitable courier partner based on rates and requirements. Here's a step by step walkthrough:-

Step 1: Select Shipping Partner

Once the order is created in your orders section of the Shoopy Application, click on Dispatch to open the Shipping dialog box. Here you can select the desired courier partner from Shiprocket, XpressBees, or iThink from the Select Method option.

Shipping Partner Selection
Shipping Partner Selection

Step 2 : Set Pickup Location, Dimensions and Weight of the Shipment

Now you can select the pickup location that your shipment needs to be picked up from and further enter the dimensions of the shipment - length, breadth, height (in cms.) and its weight(in gms.)

Pickup Location
Pickup Location

Step 3 : Select the best courier from drop-down

Once you've entered the dimensions, pickup location and weight of the shipment, click on the bar next to Courier for a comprehensive list of courier options provided by the shipment provider that you selected (here XpressBees).

You can see that the couriers will be sorted based on their rates with the lowest rates coming first. You can choose your desired courier and proceed to create the shipment with the respective courier partner.

Shipping Rates are available in Panel
Shipping Rates are available in Panel

Benefits to Shoopy Users :

  1. Cost Efficiency: Users can compare different courier by rates and choose the most economical option.

  2. Customization: Each shipment's unique dimensions are accounted for, ensuring accurate rates.

  3. Time Savings: Users no longer need to individually research courier rates.

  4. Optimized Shipping: A wider range of courier partners to cater to different delivery needs.

Conclusion :

We are sure you'll benefit from this new add-on feature and have a seamless shipping experience. We at Shoopy are committed to improve upon our designs and user experience by continuously innovating and incorporating user feedback.

We encourage you to try this feature if you are an existing customer or try Shoopy as a one-stop E-Commerce solution for all your needs, if you are looking to sell online.

Keep reading our blogs for all new future announcements.


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