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How to bring more traffic to your online store?

Are you also wondering what’s the best way to drive more traffic to your online store and start generating more sales? This article will help you understand the top 5 methods that can help you drive more traffic to your e-commerce store.

Explanatory product descriptions Your online store should depict your promise and value proposition in the most easily understandable fashion. Product descriptions should always be written with your unique value proposition in mind. Whatever benefits you are offering to your customers should be clearly explained in all your messaging.

Social proof and recommendations Consumers rely on proof from their peers and unbiased 3rd parties, not the brands selling the products. Ask your customers, friends, and family to leave real-time reviews. On the other hand, you can also add customer testimonials on your online store, of course after taking the customer’s approval.

Buyable Pins Apart from sharing your product links to Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, you should also try your hands on Pinterest. It offers a unique feature that allows users to search for products and buy them directly from the Pinterest site. What’s the best part? This feature won’t cost you anything.

Upsell Upselling is one of the most accessible selling tools. However, it’s most underrated. In order to provide your customers a guided purchase cycle, base recommendations for frequently bought together products and there are high chances that customers would add those recommendations to their cart.

Apart from the free methods to increase traffic to your online store, you can also consider running some paid campaigns. Paid social media ads let you can create highly targeted campaigns that serve search-based ads to the customers who are most likely to click through and purchase your products. If you’re thinking about running paid ads for your business, here are some platforms you should consider:

  1. Facebook ads Facebook’s database is at its all-time high. Its powerful advertising platform lets you target users based on their interests, behavior, location, and more. These powerful ads can also help you bring users back to your online store, so you can make the most of your existing traffic.

  2. Instagram ads Adding hashtags on Instagram or creating videos or images for marketing are prominent Instagram tools to grow your following. Sign up for an Instagram Business account and start creating Instagram ads. It allows you to create ads as photos, videos, carousels, and stories.

  3. Google Ads Google Ads offers a unique opportunity to advertise your products through Google and YouTube and targets people actively searching for them. It offers majorly three ways to put your ad in front of web browsers – search ads, Google Display Network, and YouTube ads.

Conclusion Different tactics work for different brands as every store has its unique offerings. You should not be disheartened if one method doesn’t bring new conversions right away. Try another tactic to figure what works best for your brand.


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