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Advance Partial Payment in COD Orders

Shoopy provides variety of payment options like COD, Prepaid. As seller we always want to get advance payment but then there are first time users who won’t trust your store easily. To establish the trust, Cash on Delivery (COD) plays an important role. However this add to RTOs due to no initial commitment from customer side, In turns leading to business losses on such orders. Partial advance payment in COD is the solution.

Advance Partial Payment in COD

Partial Payment in COD

Solution is a midway of COD & Prepaid. You get initial token money in the start and remaining at the time of delivery. As seller we can activate partial payment in COD orders based on percentage or absolute amount.

For example if you want to charge flat 150 Rs irrespective of order amount, you can provide 150 Rs in Min advance payment option. At times, we want our advance payment in percentage. In such case one can use the second option

Advance partial payment in COD

Let us know how advance payment is helping you in the business. Shoopy is the most trusted platform in India to create online Dukaan/store. You can download business app here.


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