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7 Profitable Small Business Ideas 2023

Planning to start a small business but not sure what to start with? Well, you have landed at the right place. You will get to know 7 profitable and foolproof business ideas in this article.

We have selected these ideas after thorough research and mentioned the ones that are most promising small business ideas in 2023.

So, without any further delay, let’s discuss some low-budget small business ideas.

1. Vlogging

Vlogging may be a rewarding profession for people who can build a loyal follower base by creating engaging content. You don’t necessarily have to invest a lot of money for starting a vlog, all you need is a decent smartphone and you are good to go.

However, you would have to be consistent with posting the content if you want to multiply your reach.

Income might initially be less but once your follower base starts growing, the sky is the limit.

2. Food Supply/Home Tiffin

Food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy can never fulfil the daily meal requirements as it’s both expensive and unhealthy. Additionally, it is not possible for students and office employees living outside their hometowns to cook. That’s when home tiffin services come to the rescue.

Hence, you can start this business from your kitchen with minimal investment and enjoy instant profits.

3. Organic Vegetable Seller/Business

In conventional farming, synthetic fungicides, herbicides, pesticides and insecticides are frequently used, and their residues stay on and in the vegetables we eat. And, depending on the amount and modes of exposure, this residue can have both acute and long-term health impacts.

Thankfully, people are becoming exceedingly aware of pesticide residues and turning towards the healthier alternative: organic vegetables. So, you can tap this opportunity and start an organic vegetable business. Also, if you want to reach more customers then consider making your store available online via Shoopy.

4. Seasonal Business

Seasonal businesses give you greater freedom, more room for innovation, and more money. You don't necessarily need to be unique in these types of businesses because the demand will already be there; all you need to do is supply.

Unlike conventional businesses, seasonal businesses allow you to hire workers only when needed. Hence, you can save money on labour during the off-season.

Therefore, opening a seasonal business is a great and profitable small business idea.

5. Internet Cafe/Mobile Recharge & Accessories

A lot of Indian homes still don’t have a PC or laptop and even if people have these devices, most of them don’t know how to get complex tasks done. For example, a lot of students find it difficult to fill exam forms on their own. And that’s exactly when an Internet café comes into the picture.

So, you can open a cyber café that not only caters to the internet needs of people but also does the photocopy, recharge, etc. Additionally, you can put accessories like headphones, earphones, keyboards, mouse, etc. for sale as well.

6. Saloon At Home

People's lifestyles have drastically changed as a result of COVID. Customers today demand access to everything from the comfort of their homes. Due to this shift in the nature of customer demands, everything is becoming accessible, saloon services too.

So, if you are a hairdresser, make-up artist or someone who wants to get into this industry, operating as a freelancer and providing services at home is a great idea.

You won’t have to make much investment because your skills will be enough. However, if you want to reach a wider set of customers, we suggest you launch your app via Shoopy to get online bookings.

7. Insurance Agent

Insurance is an evergreen industry because it gives a sense of security to people. Hence, starting your career as an insurance agent might be a great idea.

The best thing is that an insurance agent is his own master and can work as per his schedule. Additionally, this business idea requires zero investment but the profits are really exciting.


We hope that you have found some intriguing ideas here for starting your small business in 2023.

You can check out our services to know how we can help you in scaling your business.


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