Product sharing in Social Media to grow your business

It's about time we actually start focusing on the real problems relating to online sales, This can only be done by making the most out of the technological advancements in this sector.

The best way to boost your business is by creating a perfect online audience who are your potential customers by sharing products with them, right in time just when they need them.

The utmost important issue is a lack of knowledge and not wanting to spend any money. Hence, the article below will help you in the right direction.

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Problems faced by business owners

Potential customers with busy schedules and lack of awareness

Customers will prefer to shop from their nearest local store, even if at a higher rate and cheaper quality because they are not AWARE of a better alternative.  Lack of awareness is making you lose business

Advertising to the Incorrect Target audience

Expensive advertisement catering to an incorrect target audience is equal expecting money to grow on a money plant after watering it. The same way of investing your money in advertising the wrong customers will bring you nothing but disappointment.

Fierce competition

In today's world businesses are expanding on a global scale due to the internet and everyone's beloved Social Media, To be a part of the top list and be winning sales over your competitors, the best way is to share your products with your customers according to their relevant wants.

Stagnation phase of business during growth year

Follow the business trend. Your business will lack behind if you don't follow the trend. This is the social age, get your business ahead of others with improvisions and make use of social channels to the fullest.

Social Commerce 

What is Social Commerce?

In simple language, it refers to sharing your products/services on all the Social media platforms. You can share relevant and new products to your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Email and on many other platforms. 
To make Social Commerce easy and fun, we have launched Shoopy. This is an Invoicing app that also provides you with an ONLINE STORE.

Why is Social Commerce important for your business?

In this modern age, everyone is active on different social media channels every day, this gets easier to reach and sell your products online. You can accept orders online while customers can place them from anywhere. This will help you grow your sales and ultimately grow your business.

How does it work?

Follow these three simple steps:-
Step 1 - Download the Shoopy app from Play Store or AppStore
Step 2- Add your products under the Products section by naming it
Step 3- Set product image, price, description
And you're now ready to share your products on social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook and many more on a single click.


More business! More sales! More profit
Increase in customers
Gain customer loyalty
Brand awareness/brand recognization
Easy to engage with customers

So all the small business owners and freelancers out there we just tried our best to solve your problems. 

You can surely give Shoopy a try.