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The Shoopy’s Happy Users Story - Helping Small Business Reach One Step Closer To Their Business Goal

“Shoopy has changed the traditional way of doing business to digital which is really helpful during pandemics like this” _ Sunitha, Mumbai

We are glad that Shoopy has been supporting small businesses in many ways such as handling inventory, creating invoices, setting up a free online store and lots more. In this series - The Snoopy’s Happy Users Story, we are sharing some of our users small business journey and how they incorporate Shoopy along their journey.

In today’s series, we are sharing the story of our beloved user Sunitha from Mumbai. Having been a housewife for more than 10 years now, she feels that she is not following her passion due to family commitment. As we have a small chat with her, she shares her journey to follow her passion.

“I was a marketing executive in one of the most famous firms from India but need to quit because of family commitments. Now 10 years have passed and my passion to work remains the same.

I enrolled in an affiliate marketing program by Amway which was introduced by one of my close friends. Most of the time, I had to talk with people on a person to make one order. This was kind of difficult for me. And that’s when I came to know about Shoopy and their app features excited me. I installed the app right away and set up my own online web store at free of cost.

Directly shared offers with customers through social media platforms, managed product inventory, shared occasional greetings and more. Without Shoopy, I don’t think I would have got the opportunity to explore business digitally.

A big thanks to Shoopy!

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