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How Shoopy Supports vocal about local - PM Narendra Modi’s Vision

“PM Modi tweeted after making the announcement, “In 2022 India completes 75 years since Independence. In that special year, India looks forward to welcoming the world to the G-20 Summit! Come to India, the world’s fastest-growing large economy! Know India’s rich history and diversity, and experience the warm Indian hospitality.”

As things and process-wide up for making 2022 the best year for India and its economy, Let’s see how Shoopy supports PM Modi’s vision.

Shoopy helping Indian Business reach its Digital level to multiple economy-level from the base. Enabling business to reach with high customers rate and achieving global customers with Shoopy. By having Shoopy you have the multiple tasks get done without the manpower like creating invoices, managing your inventory, setting up an online store for your business and lots more.

From vegetable selling vendor to the person who has a physical store, Shoopy has been helping multiple businesses all over India.

What’s the best way to make their business more productive?

Downloading Shoopy and taking his small business to the next level!

Yes, by installing Shoopy the vendor can list the products he sells and set up an online store and share it with the customers.

The vendor can also set up the online store by updating from Shoopy’s global store as well. Also, the vendor can provide invoices for his business through Whatsapp and other mediums. He/she can also print the invoices within minutes.

Shoopy app helps you to set up your own online web store where you can share your products with your customers online in a different medium. Shoopy is available at free of cost in the App Store and Play store!

We stand for supporting Business and have been doing. Join the family of 1000+ by installing Shoopy. Making your Business simplified.

Download our app now -

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.shoopy.business



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