• Geethapriya Ganesh

Amit’s Journey With Shoopy - Road To Success

The pandemic has not left anyone including the business. According to the reports, Nomura India Business Resumption Index economic activity fell from 82.9 on 22 March to 44.7 on 26 April. Under complete lockdown, less than a quarter of India's $2.8 trillion economic movements was functional. Up to 53% of businesses in the country were projected to be significantly affected.

This not just affected the big rolling out businesses but also small businesses such as grocery shops, dress shops, restaurants and many. Since all of these shops have a physical store - which led to not running the business due to lockdown.

Having this in mind, some of the large e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Flipkart and other brands had very good sales compared to other firms. The reason? Simple, it is online. Though they followed rules such as providing contactless delivery, limited deliveries and delivering only essentials. This hicked up the business.

Amit is a small business owner who has his own grocery shop in Noida went through a bad phase in his business due to lockdown.

He states, “I wanted to start an online store but I couldn’t because the work needs to start from scratch and also requires a lot of money for getting the common features for delivery. That’s when I got introduced to Shoopy”

Amit got the opportunity to check the Shoopy mobile app and felt amazed by the features offered at free of cost.

“In my physical store, I required at least two people to take care of inventory and invoice but with Shoopy, I can take care of everything”.

With the help of Shoopy’s digital platform, Amit can able to run his business with steady growth.

“I will continue to use Shoopy and I will always thank the team for providing these great features at free of cost.

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