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A business's base, spine & reliability is in its identity & goodwill.

A business card is a small card identifying a person in connection with his or her business, given to a client, potential customer, etc.

It solidifies the impactfulness of its presence, for a business in its initial stage it is very important for it to maintain and have the credibility for its presence.

Being an owner of a small business it is very important to have your business card, it not only helps in easy sharing of your identity but also lets the people who are working with you for the first time, trust you easily which can be very beneficial for future business relations.

Shoopy's aim is to help small business owners/entrepreneurs/startups etc, that is why Shoopy is consistently adding onto its new features & have added the feature to add your business card which increases shoopy's & your business's versatility & credibility.

Shoopy's constant improvement & the huge number of features are all for free for any & every type of business.

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