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4 Steps of Building Your Brand Online

“In 2019 alone, there were approximately 3.8 million Google searches conducted each minute, many of which were carried out to find information on local businesses – Statista”

In this era of digitalization, having an online brand presence is a must if you want to remain consistent in the market. But building a brand online is not an easy task. A little bit of experience, research, and understanding of your target audience is required.

What should my brand look like? What USP do I have to offer? Will it resonate with my target audience? Will I be able to bear the cost of going online?

These are some of the questions that come up when you start thinking about going digital with your business. However, it’s a myth that getting online with your brand is an expensive affair. There are many one-click apps, like Shoopy, available these days that help you create your online brand in just a few clicks and they take care of the other factors at a nominal charge.

Here’s a list of steps you should follow to build your brand presence online:

Step 1 – Analyze Your Current Holding!

Before jumping into building your brand online, take a moment to look around at what you have already.

Highlight the key values, goals, and principles you want your brand to reflect. What’s at the core of your business? What should be your brand’s unique offering? How do you want your customers to interact with you? Where do you want your brand in the next few years of getting online?

Step 2 – Do Your Research and Know Your Target

Once you’ve pinned down your current status and your future goals, it’s time to figure out your route. We strongly recommend that one should learn from its surroundings. Good old-fashioned spying doesn’t hurt. Target and focus on the brands in your industry, or embody similar values to your own.

A sub-step of your research is understanding your target audience. Narrow down your audience and find answers to – who are you trying to reach? How will you engage them? Why would they choose your brand over others?

Step 3 – Visualize Your Brand

The final step before actually launching your brand online is to visualize your brand voice. Your voice, tone, and values need to be consistent and transparent across your whole brand. Have a brand name, design a logo that depicts your brand name and voice, have a tagline in mind.

Step 4 – Go Online

Launching a brand online now comes in handy with online apps like Shoopy. Designed to bring growth for your small or medium business, Shoopy offers various features like creating a mobile website, managing and creating invoices from your mobile, managing inventory and barcodes, sharing products on social media, and more. All this with just one mandatory technology – “ a Mobile Device”. Shoopy’s mobile-first approach ensures that you are able to reach out to the customers via any mobile platform.

Steps to go online with Shoopy:

Step 1 – Install Shoopy application from the Play Store or the App Store

Step 2 – Register with your mobile number

Step 3 – Enter your Name and Business details

Step 4 – Explore the homepage, select the Online Store under Grow Business

Yes, it’s that simple! You can also share your online store link through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms and start getting online orders. Go online and dive into the possibility of e-commerce through your mobile. Share your website link to your friends, customers, and community and grow multi-folds.


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