Create DNS records at GoDaddy for Shoopy:

If GoDaddy is your DNS hosting provider, follow the steps in this doc to set up DNS records for your online store to work on the Shoopy system.

  1.  Log in to GoDaddy Account: To get started, go to your domains page at GoDaddy by using this link. You'll be prompted to log in

  2. Products/Domains Page: After login, you will be redirected to the following screen.

  3. Edit the A & CNAME records:

  • Under Domains, select DNS for the domain that you want to edit.

  • After Click on DNS, Click on edit icon for the first A Record with @ symbol

  • Update @ A record value with IP- and click save:

  • After setting A record, click on edit icon for www CNAME:

  • Set in Points to input box and click save:

  • It will take approx 30 mins for this A and CNAME values to be propagated on the internet for your Domain.

  1. Once this information is propagated, your domain should serve your Shoopy Store Website. If it is not serving, please reach out to us at