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App Update Charges

App update charges are applicable for any modifications or enhancements made to your mobile application after its initial launch.  Our team ensures prompt and efficient handling of app updates to maintain the functionality and user experience of your app.

Logo, Screenshot Updates, and App Icon Changes

at  ₹500 

If you need to update your app's logo, screenshots, or app icon, and you provide these assets yourself, a nominal fee will be charged.

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Assistance from the Shoopy Team for Screenshot Preparation

at  ₹1000

If you require help from the Shoopy team to change and prepare the screenshots for your app, a higher fee is applicable due to the additional work involved.

make _Update _ illustration minimalist.jpg

Updates Mandated by Google Play Console

at  Free

Any updates required by the Google Play Console to comply with their policies or guidelines will be handled by the Shoopy team without any additional charges.

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